Even Santa Checks His List – Shouldn’t You?

Even Santa Checks His List – Shouldn’t You?

The holiday season will surely bring loads of email and direct mail list marketing campaigns. This time of year presents an annual opportunity where customers are just waiting for deals to find their way to their inboxes.

Infographic – The Lead Generation To-Do List

The Lead Generation To-Do List

Killer campaign? Check. Knowledgeable sales staff? Check. Now all you need are leads—and not just any leads, but qualified ones. How do you attract leads and get them to begin … Read More

Dirty Data…Now That’s Scary

Dirty Data…Now That’s Scary

Outdated records, typos in email addresses, invalid entries—eeeeek! Bad data can make a great campaign an unsuccessful campaign and produce less-than-great results in the process—now that’s scary! Check out some … Read More

data appending importance

The Importance of Data Appending

Data is at the core of day-to-day operations for practically every business in every industry. Banks are required to track financial transactions, insurance companies monitor loss trends and personal data … Read More

minimize unsubscribe rate

Combating the Opt-Out Epidemic

Minimize Your Unsubscribe Rate With email marketing garnering a $38 return for every dollar invested, it is no wonder why marketers are racing to the inbox. But with billions of … Read More

how terminating your bad data can profit your business

Terminating Bad Data

When it comes to data, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that on average, corporate data grows by 40% per year—awesome! The bad news is that … Read More