ICD and CPT Codes: Level Up Your Medical Coding Data Knowledge

Understanding the difference between ICD and CPT codes is essential for healthcare marketers who want to effectively leverage medical billing and insurance data. While they share certain similarities, learning the distinctions will allow your business to form more accurate connections and target your desired healthcare professional audience.

Let’s unpack the key differences between ICD and CPT codes and analyze some of their similarities.

ICD Codes: The ‘ICD’ is the International Statistical Classification of Disease-Related Health Problems. These codes focus on assigning one of thousands of possible diseases in addition to potentially harmful, traumatic, social, or environmental circumstances. ICD codes describe diseases and identify the diagnosis of a particular medical condition. The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes ICD codes, and physicians and other healthcare providers use them to classify and code diagnoses, symptoms, and procedures. An ICD code is easily recognized by its use of alphanumeric characters.

CPT Codes: CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and describes medical services performed during an appointment or consultation. These services range from diagnosis to surgery, laboratory results, or radiology. CPT codes identify the medical services and procedures performed during a patient’s treatment. The American Medical Association (AMA) owns these codes, and Redi-Data has been a trusted licensee of AMA data since 2010. CPT codes are usually presented as numbers, typically five digits long. Insurance companies often use these codes to determine the fees for a physician’s services.

Similarities: Both ICD and CPT codes are used to identify a specific HCP audience by providing a complete picture of the procedures performed. They clarify the medical, surgical, and diagnostic services rendered. Both codes can be used to determine medical conditions within a patient population.

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