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Identify New Opportunities and Revenue Sources

If you want to increase profits, you must reach out to customers in new ways. Redi-Data’s data validation services opens up new lines of communications with your existing clientele.

Data validation services add depth of information to your customer list – such as demographics, financial, ethnicity, buying habits and more – so you can truly understand your customers and create dynamic, customized communications.

Identify New Opportunities and Revenue SourcesBenefits

  • Increase channels of communication
  • Keep your lists up to date; avoid wasted calls and lost customers
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Robust hygiene processing
  • Trusted source providers

Database Enrichment

Our database enrichment service adds permission-based addresses to your current customer or prospect lists, whether they’re consumers, business people or healthcare professionals. You’ll have a true multi-channel capability, plus the ability to reach customers on their desktops.

Area Code Update

Area codes are constantly switching. Avoid wasted time and money on bad phone calls. It's quick, easy and inexpensive.

Phone Number Validation

Add phone numbers to your list of customer names and addresses, from our database of millions of consumers and businesses. Increase channels of communication and increase sales.

Consumer Data Validation

We’ll match the names in your list against the Redi-Consumer database. We can then validate hundreds of consumer characteristics that let you better tailor your communications and appeal to your target customers.

Cell Phone Number Validation

Our same reliable phone validation services, now available with cell phone numbers.

National Do Not Call (DNC)

Identifying and avoid consumers on the "Do Not Call" list not only helps comply with regulations, it eliminates unresponsive households, saving you time and money.

Phone Number Verification

Between cell phones, changing residences and a number of other issues, consumers are constantly adding and switching phone numbers. Be sure you don't lose touch with customers with Phone Number Verification.* *Not all addresses will have a telephone number match, however, you will only be charged for the matches. In addition, by law it is the responsibility of the caller (not the list seller) to comply with national, state, local and any "do not call" lists. When you call us, feel free to ask us about these issues.

Business Data Validation

Get “business intelligence” on your current customers and match the names in your list against the Redi-Business database. We can validate hundreds of characteristics that let you better tailor your communications and appeal to your target customers.

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