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What is Redi-Counts?

Redi-Counts is a powerful yet user friendly search tool with 24/7 access to the most up-to-date information available for our most popular postal and email lists. With enhanced search functionality, such as detailed demographic information, you’ll find your perfect audience. Plus, our advanced save feature lets you instantly access the list information you need, when you need it.

What is HCP Reach?

HCP Reach stands for Health Care Providers Reach. This tool empowers marketers to accurately identify health care professionals and execute successful engagement initiatives with improved targeting, relevant communication and greater efficiency. It provides vital information such as the physician’s name, specialty, NPI number, state license number, address, age, income, ethnicity and much more.

With HCP reach, when a user you are targeting downloads a mobile app or visits your website, HCP Reach identifies the users and common characteristics, and the results are sent back to you so you can better target ads to your audience.

Do you have postal and email addresses for hospital professionals, or just those in private practices?

Our newest database, Redi-Hospital was launched with the hospital professional in mind. It includes tens of thousands of new healthcare records to our already robust online Redi-Counts system.

I understand that Redi-Data is an authorized American Medical Association database licensee, but does the AMA Masterfile only include members?

The AMA Masterfile includes both Members and Non-Members, capturing approximately 99% of all active Physicians.

What type of addresses will I get using the AMA Postal Masterfile?

Unless you specify otherwise, you will receive each Physicians “preferred” address at which they want to receive 3rd party marketing. Approximately 65% of Physicians prefer to receive mailings at their home address.

Does the AMA offer unlimited use of its records?

As a long-established database licensee, Redi-Data can provide multi-use price scenarios for postal mailing list rentals beyond the 90-day one-time use period. Contract price is dictated by the AMA, but the contract administration is managed by Redi-Data and can be used for Pharma, Medical Device, Recruiting, CME etc.

How many mailings and how many email blasts should our organization send out?

We seem to see the best results using 1 postal mailing combined with 2 email blasts for each marketing campaign an organization promotes.

What Physician selection criteria is offered?

Physician selections that Redi-Data offers include:

  • Specialty
  • Date of birth
  • State of licensure
  • Geography
  • Street address
  • Workplace (clinic, hospital, etc.)
  • Phone number (where available)
  • Email address (where available)
  • Diagnosis and Procedures (ICD-10 and CPT codes)
  • Prescription data by specific drug or therapeutic class

How do you collect and validate your email addresses?

Redi-Data’s proprietary sourcing framework currently includes hundreds of data collection input points. Email addresses being appended to the master database must match the target data via multiple data points ensuring record validity. Each record within the health care professional master database is 100% multi-channel capable, as each record contains an email address, postal address, and demographic data, as well as phone information where available. All records prior to being available for campaign release are permission passed for medically relevant communications conforming to the CAN-SPAM act.

The records that come in must also match to our base file using multiple points of validation, and our feeds can be weekly, monthly or at random.

All emails, once matched to a base record confirming who they are, get processed through and are cleaned, which helps validate the email. For post hygiene, they go through a permission-pass process which shows the end user that we have their email and what we would be sending to them. End users have the option to remove themselves from the list before we use it.

What are the licensing options available for email deployment?

Redi-Data offers the following options:

  1. Redi-Data sends the email deployment(s) on your behalf on a deployment by deployment basis using our sophisticated email deployment technology.
  2. A 12-month license for self-deployment, in which we provide email addresses based on your target criteria or append emails to your target universe and the file is then provided to you so that you can send your own emails to health care professionals and consumers from your own email deployment platform.

Why should I choose Redi-Data?

Redi-Data helps clients discover new customers with a comprehensive line of ­ professional, consumer and business postal and email lists. With a full line of in-house data services and turn-key marketing solutions, you’ll reach your target audience accurately and affordably. Coupled with our unparalleled customer service, you won’t find a more complete package of data and marketing solutions at a better value anywhere else.

  1. Commitment to Quality
    • All our databases feature in-depth record profiles, are multi-sourced and verified, multi-channeled and are updated daily for maximum deliverability.
  2. Trusted Sources
    • As an official licensee of industry-leading sources, such as the AMA and AOA, we deliver postal lists from the top authorities in health care practitioner information.
  3. Best Value
    • With in-house capabilities, we offer a complete range of data services that can be customized to fit your specific business needs.
  4. Industry Expertise
    • We have over 25 years’ experience in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, CME/CE and specialty markets.
  5. Knowledgeable Support
    • Our data professionals will help you develop a marketing strategy that turns the best data into real results.

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