Digital Omnichannel HCP Marketing in 2022

The healthcare direct-to-patient provider occupation is going digital as more healthcare professionals (HCPs) are utilizing Marketing Technologies (Mar-tech) resources to stay up to date on medical developments for providing the best medical outcomes for their patients, engage with their peers through relevant medical networks, direct-to-patient telemedicine consults while maintaining HIPPA compliance more than ever before. About 72 percent of doctors use professional portals online. This number is only going to grow as newer, younger HCPs are entering the healthcare marketplace right out of school who are already well adjusted to using interactive digital tools.

While HCPs can utilize resources on any number of online touchpoints, savvy marketers can resolve the digital identity as a growing channel by creating the bridge and connecting to HCPs and their anonymized digital identities for relevant social media advertising, it must be stressed that it is not enough to connect with HCPs on limited digital channels. The challenge is to determine the right mix from all the different engagement channels including traditional direct mail, email deployment, and call center activity return the best results for marketers looking to reach their HCP target audience in a meaningful way.  So, what are HCP marketers left doing if they are not 100 percent sure where they can reach medical professionals online? Fortunately, there is a solution – omnichannel marketing! Before we go into how you can use omnichannel marketing to reach HCPs, let’s take a step back and look at what it is.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?
Starting as a method that originated in the retail industry, omnichannel marketing has branched into all corners of online advertising over the last few years. Omnichannel marketing is used to continually reach individuals, or HCPs in this case, at different points of the advertising process. In other words, it is a personalized way to promote relevant products and services through banner advertisements or streaming TV commercials to engage with audiences between multiple digital touchpoints. If properly executed, the omnichannel strategy seamlessly incorporates a brand’s messaging throughout all channels an HCP uses.

How does omnichannel marketing differ from other advertising methods like multichannel marketing, a one-directional way to reach individuals online? A good way to think of this is there is back and forth interactions between advertisers and their recipients, with each message complimenting and playing off the previous ad that the recipient interacted with. This is made possible with the use of digital identities, which contain information about online users based on their digital attributes and activities. This type of information helps enable marketers to communicate with members of their desired audience in various corners of the internet.

As mentioned before, a major benefit of omnichannel marketing is how it can be used to create personalized experiences for recipients of ads. HCPs can properly familiarize themselves with your brand and services by seeing messages build off each other from ad to ad, which is ideal for creating relationships with your prospects. By establishing a solid relationship with experts who work in the medical field, it is easier to work along with HCPs to help accomplish their goals with your services.

What does this accomplishment look like for you, the marketer, or the brand? By guiding and informing your audience through different parts of your campaign, they are more likely to utilize your service, leading to increased ROI.

Implementing Omnichannel Marketing with Redi-Data Digital
We’ve established how the use of digital identities makes omnichannel marketing possible, but how can you be sure you have the right audience segments to execute this optimal strategy? Online HCP marketing all starts with Redi-Data Digital, our innovative and robust digital identity solution.

Redi-Data Digital’s identity segments can be used in different channels like programmatic, social media, search, CTV, mobile, video, and more – which is perfect for HCP marketers ready to start leveraging omnichannel marketing in their advertising strategy! Our valuable, third-party HCP segments are available on LiveRamp and DeepIntent’s trusted data marketplaces, ensuring you will be able to reach the right audience on the channels they use.

We also encourage marketers to use omnichannel strategies along with multichannel solutions like email and direct mail to maximize their marketing efforts!

Are you ready to boost your HCP marketing strategy? Talk to Redi-Data’s experts today and learn how you can incorporate omnichannel marketing into your next campaign!