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Boost Your Healthcare Provider Marketing

Leverage Redi-Data Digital’s powerful identity solution on LiveRamp and DeepIntent to scale your advertising efforts and reach the right Healthcare Providers (HCPs) online, whether it is through various advertising methods such as social media, programmatic, mobile, search, video or television.

With over 9 million tried and true HCP records, Redi-Data Digital offers robust layers of
multi-dimensional data to be able to accurately match individuals and enhance your omnichannel marketing.

Ready-to-Launch HCP Segments

Target based on provider title and / or specialty. Healthcare Provider audiences include Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Nurses and more. Choose from over 180+ Specialties.

Ready-to-Launch HCP Segments
Tailor Your Reach with Precision

Tailor Your Reach with Precision

Enhance relationships, satisfaction, retention and revenue with Redi-Data Digital custom segments. Reach your desired audience by focusing on specified criteria, such as

  • NPI#
  • ICD-10 diagnoses and procedure codes
  • CPT medical, surgical and diagnostic procedure and services
  • Physician prescribing habits by individual Rx names or by Therapeutic class
  • Overlay rich consumer behavioral data

Trusted, Quality Data

Redi-Data has an imperative commitment to providing our clients with quality data, which is why we partner with BPA Worldwide, a trusted, independent, not-for-profit assurance provider.

Trusted, Quality Data

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