Programmatic Advertising – The Challenges for HCP Data

We all know programmatic advertising continues to grow the demand for privacy-compliant third-party data identifiers. Platforms like LiveRamp and DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform give healthcare marketers the ability to seamlessly reach Health Care Practitioners (HCP) at scale across all digital devices and channels. The percentage of CPM-based media buying models has given marketers choices, many driven by uncertainty. Whilst valid concerns exist surrounding privacy third-party data identifiers, there has still been an explosion of streaming smart devices,  at-home CTV and various social media channels such as TikTok. We are approaching the point of near total automation of programmatic display advertising and privacy-compliant anatomized HCP (Healthcare Professional) digital identity solutions are the demand. But what are the challenges and disadvantages of programmatic advertising?

Not all digital segments offer specialized targeting capabilities including aggregated state licensing, medical claims data, and our National Provider Identification (NPI, a unique ten-digit identification number) information. NPI, script writing habits, ICD-10 diagnosis, and CPT procedure information are key. Redi-Data provides the ability to apply these filters to your digital custom segments.

Not all data is equal and there are several challenges beyond just outrageous prices.  We have seen a departure from the use of cookies; a once reliable way to digitally identify data and the related marketing and targeting services. Suboptimal source data, poor real-time analytical performance platforms, and bots plaguing traditional email campaigns are among some of the most recognizable challenges.

These are all potential barriers to effectively targeting and executing your programmatic advertising plan.

Let us help you avoid these challenges! At Redi-Data we provide the highest quality HCP audience data and carefully curate our offerings. Check our LiveRamp and DeepIntent offerings here or find out how to best reach your targeted HCP audience and drive success with your programmatic outreach. Talk to Redi-Data’s experts today or visit for more information.