The Benefits of Email Deployment

As marketing professionals, we all know the value of a great mail piece, but with the cost of doing multiple postal mailings, in combination with the need to reach a younger, more technology-driven generation, email deployment campaigns must be considered as well.


Is Your Marketing Compliant with Federal and State Regulations?

As marketers, we’re all owls, and hopefully wise ones. Omni-channel marketing is now the norm, or in some cases, a requirement for certain companies as a key component of their marketing infrastructure in order to be effective in 2019, and the foreseeable future. So where are we with being good data stewards, and complying with CAN-SPAM?


Data Acronyms and What They Mean

Most industries use abbreviations and acronyms to shorten long words or phrases. In the world of data and marketing solutions, these abridged terms are utilized to ensure efficiency, accuracy and compliance. Like with many fields, data and marketing solutions organizations use industry-specific words daily in their business. With our company also managing email and postal lists for healthcare professionals, consumers and businesses, the terms extend even more.


Are Your Leads Dry?

The traditional buying process is changing, leaving marketers searching to find new ways to reach buyers and stand out amongst competitors. As a result, lead generation and retention has become more important than ever before. However, with 63% of marketers reporting generating traffic and leads as their top challenge, there is certainly work to be done.


Fill the Seats at Your Next CME Event

Continuing medical education (CME) programs represent an integral part of pharmaceutical marketing. These events serve several purposes –as an important source of knowledge and learning for physicians and healthcare professionals, as the basis for PR, and as a source of revenue.


Creating New Revenue Opportunities with a Storefront

Build or buy? This is a frequent debate within organizations, especially among companies considering how rapidly they can recognize new revenue streams. Online e-business storefront applications are no different. The justification for an online commerce presence is solid — the cost of sales is very reasonable in contrast to other sales models. Yet, while building a storefront in-house might seem sensible, think about it.


Houston, We Have Contacts

3…2…1…Blast off! You’ve spent countless hours preparing the content, design and format for your latest campaign – and now it’s go time. But no matter how much effort you’ve put into crafting this latest initiative, its success comes down to one important variable – your contact database. Choosing the right marketing data can make all the difference between all systems go and failure to launch.