minimize unsubscribe rate

Combating the Opt-Out Epidemic

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how terminating your bad data can profit your business

Terminating Bad Data

When it comes to data, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that on average, corporate data grows by 40% per year—awesome! The bad news is that … Read More

How to Read a Datacard – Vlog

How to Read a Datacard – Vlog

So many lists, so little time—so how can you pinpoint the right one for your business? It all starts with the datacard, the information sheet summarizing the details of a … Read More

Strategies to Data Segmentation

Strategies to Data Segmentation

We all like to think we know our customers—but how well do we know them actually? In today’s competitive marketplace, knowing our customers is no longer enough. It’s all about … Read More

Effects of Bad Data List on Your Business

The Woes of Working with a Bad List

How Bad Data Lists Can Affect Your Business $3.1 Trillion—that’s over twice the amount of the 2011 Federal Deficit—and IBM’s estimated yearly cost of poor data quality in the US … Read More

Tips to successfully market to doctors

Marketing to Doctors

Tips to Successfully Market to Doctors With the average doctor in the US controlling an estimated $2 million per year in healthcare costs, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to … Read More

Target audience by generation

Marketing by Generation

Different strokes for different folks—like all things, this is the case in marketing. What works for some consumers does not work for all. So how can marketers determine what will … Read More

Learn how you can gear up for marketing automation.

Automation Assembly Line

Marketing automation is more than just the latest buzzword. In fact, with an average 49% of companies using Marketing automation and 55% of B2B companies adopting the technology, it is … Read More