How Mobile HCP Tagging Improves Marketing Initiatives

Medical professionals (literally) don’t have a desk—they’re on-the-go! With such busy schedules, the majority of doctors and physicians do not spend time in front of a desktop—instead, they favor mobile devices. Therefore, effective communication is about reaching your target HCPs on their Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. With access to over 650 million mobile device IDs, HCP Reach’s data enrichment services helps marketers design relevant ads and identify applications most-commonly used amongst target audiences. 

Reach the Growing Mobile Audience
With the average consumer spending an estimated 3 hours and 15 minutes per day on mobile devices, and mobile advertising projected to account for 72% of all US advertising by 2019, people spend more than the majority of their internet time via mobile, as opposed to traditional desktops or laptops. Mobile device IDs deliver increased visibility to mobile web visitors and yield vital information such an name, medical specialty, location, and NPI number.

Understand Users at the Individual Level
Knowing the exact identity of website visitors is key to strategic marketing planning. Using individual-level data, marketers can accurately identify mobile healthcare professionals and execute successful engagement initiatives with improved targeting, relevant communication, and greater efficiency.

Serve More Targeted Ads
Purchasing ad space from apps that can verify their audience enables marketers to point ads directly at the HCPs they want to target, while reaching other potential app users that may be of interest. Gaining insights into powerful mobile audiences, marketers can deliver personalized ad experiences that drive consumer engagement and lower acquisition costs.

Deliver Personalized Content
By connecting the dots between an individual HCP’s engagement with an email, website, advertisement or event, mobile device IDs provide insight into what content visitors value the most. Armed with details including demographic, professional, and individual-level information, marketers can design relevant ads and refine their marketing initiatives to better cater to their target audiences.

While many tagging identification systems account for just 35-40% of the HCP market, Redi-Data’s HCP Reach is designed to address the nearly 70% of mobile HCP users. The next step in audience identification and targeting, Redi-Data HCP Reach combines proprietary matching algorithms and databases with traditional identification methods to optimize your HCP targeted marketing initiatives. Further grow your HCP audience with our digital identity solution, Redi-Data Digital. Learn more about HCP Reach in our video, here!