Even Santa Checks His List – Shouldn’t You?

The holiday season will surely bring loads of email and direct mail list marketing campaigns. This time of year presents an annual opportunity where customers are just waiting for deals to find their way to their inboxes. Who doesn’t love an online offer, coupons or a holiday-themed campaign? But, before you pulse those carefully thought-out campaigns, now is the time to refresh, scrub and mine your house lists; they might just be the gift that keeps on giving this sales season.

Even the big guy in the red suit checks his list twice. Your company’s house lists contain customers ripe for up-selling or cross-selling, as well as models for prospects derived from the profile of current customers. You’ve already invested heavily in nurturing these individuals, and have insight on what campaigns and messages will be of greatest interest to them.

Oftentimes, especially during this busy season, there just simply aren’t enough resources internally to scrub lists and mine data. But taking the time to carefully review house lists can not only encourage sales, but can lead to more intelligent purchases of supplement lists for your campaigns.

Before your holiday campaigns move forward, ensure that your list is of high quality from the start and that you’re abiding with anti-spamming requirements. Update any customer data, including addresses that need filling in or fixing, and remove individuals who are no longer at companies you’re trying to reach. Work with credible outside data experts to carefully analyze and examine your list information for a fresh perspective and strategy.

Then, plan each holiday campaign around a strong visual theme that’s consistent with your company’s brand. Ensure the content of the message is relevant with a direct call to action. Encourage readers to shop on the spot with compelling deals and instant savings, or share details on your holiday events while urging recipients to register now. Everyone loves a great deal during a time of year that can be tough on the pocket book or when budgets are running low. Don’t be afraid to be fun or funny when relevant.