Target audience by generation

Marketing by Generation

Different strokes for different folks—like all things, this is the case in marketing. What works for some consumers does not work for all. So how can marketers determine what will … Read More

Learn how you can gear up for marketing automation.

Automation Assembly Line

Marketing automation is more than just the latest buzzword. In fact, with an average 49% of companies using Marketing automation and 55% of B2B companies adopting the technology, it is … Read More

Spring Cleaning Your Database

Birds are chirping, buds are sprouting, days are getting longer—Spring is in the air! And with Spring, comes Spring cleaning. But before you start scrubbing, organizing, and washing, look no … Read More

Becoming a Data Driven Organization

Becoming a Data Driven Organization

Data-driven organizations are the ones that remain most competitive. According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, this approach results in a 23x greater likelihood of customer retention, and … Read More

The basics and facts of HCPCS Codes

HCPCS Codes: What are they?

Did you know—5 billion claims for payment are processed by health care insurers in the United States annually? A statistic of this caliber surely seems overwhelming. To maintain order and … Read More

ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes- An explanation

Explaining ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes

Coughing, fever, headache, insomnia—there are codes for that! In fact, with the new advances in ICD coding technology, there are codes for over 68,000 symptoms and diagnoses (American College of … Read More