Why Isn’t Your Email Being Opened?

You craft the perfect message, meticulously create the design, and hit send at the optimum time.  You’re ready to increase engagement and drive sales. But there’s just one problem—your recipients aren’t opening your emails. The average email open rate is only 20%, just a fifth of your contacts (Constant Contact). So why aren’t your emails being opened? Check out some reasons your message may not be reaching its recipients.


With any list of email recipients comes the ratio of content that ends up in the spam folder. Because each recipient’s server implements different spam guidelines, what hits one inbox may not hit another.  Furthermore, what arrives in their inbox today can be spam tomorrow. Prevent your message going into spam folders by including your physical mailing address, giving recipients an easy way to opt-out, avoiding false or misleading headers, and maintaining a good text to image ratio.

Weak Subject Line

Your subject line is the only communication recipients are guaranteed to see.  As a matter of fact, 33% of email recipients open their emails based solely on the subject line alone (Convince & Convert). Short subject lines typically perform best, with subject line effectiveness decreasing with each additional word (Yesware). Including deadlines and time-sensitive language in your subject line creates a sense of urgency more likely to ignite recipients into action. Your subject line should be clear, informative, and thought provoking to entice your recipients.

Selling Rather than Informing

While email marketing is known to drive sales, it is important to not be over promotional in your messages. With an abundance of emails pushing different products or services, recipients are subject to information overload and may start tuning out your messages altogether. Avoid being overlooked by delivering valuable and informative to recipients. Using informative tactics such as news & information, social interactions, cause marketing, and how-to emails all help build your brand and engage customers.

Not Responsive

55% of email is now opened on a mobile device (Litmus Email Analytics).  With more email being read on mobile than a desktop email client, your email must be responsive.  70% of consumers immediately disregard an email that doesn’t render properly on their mobile device.

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