Accurate Data and Customer Loyalty, So Happy Together

Perhaps the most valuable asset belonging to any business is a loyal customer. But with competition at an all-time high, fostering customer loyalty may prove challenging. How can marketers most effectively keep existing customers and entice new ones to become loyal? The solution lies in keeping meticulous data records. Having insight into customer demographics, psychographics and buying patterns is crucial to growing long-term, profitable relationships.

To encourage customer loyalty, companies should maintain up-to-the-minute, accurate data, and consider the following:

Keep Quality Records
Update customer and prospect lists frequently. Don’t leave this to chance; schedule regular updates to ensure “real time” alignment with the wants and needs of your customers. These regular updates also offer valuable trend data about who your customers are, where they are located, and any shared characteristics.

Keeping up-to-the-minute data also provides the ability to deliver exemplary customer support by quickly connecting and building solid relationships. You’ll be able to identify callers and web site visitors quickly and have important information, including demographics, buying habits, lifestyle details and more, right at your fingertips.

Improve Understanding through Data Appends and Analytics
Use data appends and analytics to unlock customer patterns and trends, further enhancing the interpretation of customers’ buying habits. These can arm organizations with the data-driven capability to create customized campaigns that grow existing relationships and cultivate new ones by providing the ability to assess and calibrate data, as well as uncover key drivers such as spending trends, charity and green living scores, credit risk and pre-mover audiences.

Communicate Effectively 
Elevate the value of your brand and actively promote a strong return on investment. Give customers the information and services they’re looking for and avoid repeating messaging that could be perceived as spam.

Produce Follow Up Feedback
Monitor feedback through surveys, “thank you” notes, and other personalized communications after a campaign or purchase. Keeping loyal customers engaged is critical. Following up on a personalized basis not only fosters a continued relationship, but creates an opportunity to collect additional data points as well.

Your data is a key component in sustaining ongoing customer loyalty. Let the data experts at Redi-Data assist you in opening the door to effective communication by adding a new level of depth to your customer information lists.

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