The Importance of Data Appending

Data is at the core of day-to-day operations for practically every business in every industry. Banks are required to track financial transactions, insurance companies monitor loss trends and personal data and transportation companies log mileage, fuel costs, cargo worth, and so on. Without continually updating this business-critical information, these industries would deteriorate and ultimately, unravel.

Regardless of your business, your organization needs data as well—accurate, up-to-date data. And you probably have endless Excel spreadsheets with prospect coordinates and client names languishing on shared drives. Without the ability to append that data with actionable information — such as mobile telephone numbers and email addresses — it’s close to useless in its current state. Data appending adds information to your databases both completing your current customer profiles and providing a slew of new data about potential customers. Quality data appending also supports the tracking and reporting needed to help keep marketing campaigns relevant and refresh your lists for future use.

Let’s go back to those financial services and insurance companies for a moment. In their case, maintaining data is especially crucial to their compliance efforts and revenue generating initiatives. Selling valuable products and services that impact the lives of consumers requires paying added attention to existing data. Reviewing, refreshing, and polishing up data and databases is a necessary first step before a phone call, email or postal mail campaign emanates from the organization. From there, the addition of appended data works to bolster investments in house lists and other databases, breathing new life into marketing channels and ensuring brand damaging (and potentially expensive) missteps aren’t attributed to the firm.

Once data appends are in place, consistency is key. Regular monitoring and updating will uphold data accuracy and further your organization’s ability to analyze and segment customer demographics. Now fully equipped data-wise, marketing campaigns can expand to engage customers in new ways, via text message, for example. Not to mention, fresh data that adds new touchpoints is shown to boost open rates and customer contacts maximizing your ROI and promoting sales.

Data append services offer your organization a competitive advantage, increased communication channels, and the opportunity to cultivate customer relationships improving the core of your operation and the bottom line. Don’t overlook how important it is to maximize what you have through data append services.

With Redi-Data’s append services, you can add depth of information to your customer list and open up new lines of communications with your existing clientele.

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