Email Marketing: Six Suggestions for Composing the Perfect Subject Line

If there’s one thing marketers cannot afford to get wrong in an email campaign, it’s the subject line. It’s the gateway to the content you want the recipient to read. Email on Acid has reported that 33% of emails are read based on the subject line alone – a result of true engagement.

Constructing an email is as much art as it is science. You can ensure your email looks beautiful across all devices, email clients and browsers. But how do you get your audience to open your carefully crafted piece of content? Redi-Data suggests the following tips on composing the perfect subject line for your message:

Don’t include your company name:
Don’t waste valuable real estate in the subject line; the reader probably already knows who’s sending the email based on the “from” address, which is listed in about every email client to date. To see how the from address affects open rates, test to determine if people respond better to your company name as the sender, or an employee’s name.

Use personalization: Personalization can be effective, especially in targeted campaigns such as welcome messages, thank you letters and reminders. Just because personalization works in specific communications, doesn’t mean it should be included in every email. The best way to understand how personalization increases open rates with your audience is to just simply test.

Write with mobile in mind: According to Litmus Email Analytics, more email (55%) is read on mobile than on desktop email clients. Depending on what email marketing tool you use, you can likely get the statistics for your specific audience from your email reports. The number of characters displayed in the subject line on a mobile device can be less than half than what is seen on a typical desktop display, so keeping your subject line short and concise increases the likelihood it will be seen in its entirety on a mobile device.

Try a bit of urgency: Adding urgency can be an effective tactic; phrases that imply a deadline, such as “today only” or “last chance” may entice the recipient to open and read your email faster.

Dare to be edgy: If you feel comfortable enough, try more shocking subject lines. Controversy gets attention, but you have to be confident in knowing your audience’s taste and perceptions to pull it off.

Retain some mystery: It’s okay to be vague and spark curiosity. Let your readers feel intrigued enough to open your piece.

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