Marketing to Doctors

Tips to Successfully Market to Doctors

With the average doctor in the US controlling an estimated $2 million per year in healthcare costs, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to market to them. However, these central stakeholders in US medicine are both jaded from all the marketing efforts being aimed at them as well as screened from most of these communications. So what’s a marketer to do? Check out our tips to successfully market to doctors.

Stand Out in a Crowded Waiting Room

Let’s face it—most marketing aimed at doctors looks and sounds extremely similar. While there are definitely good reasons to take a conservative approach, such a strategy will leave you struggling to stand out from the crowd. But there is good news! With so many seemingly identical pitches, there is a huge opportunity to stand out. Craft truly great content and excellent creative—it takes more than just a witty ad.

Be Mobile Friendly

Doctors (literally) don’t have a desk—they’re on-the-go! In fact, their busy schedules have made it so that they were the first group in the US to become truly mobile-first. The majority of doctors and physicians do not spend time in an office in front of a computer—instead, they favor mobile devices which enable them to check lab results and keep up to date on phones and tablets. Smart marketers should target their campaigns to be mobile-ready and use unique mobile capabilities for highly targeted messaging.

Use Knowledge as a Marketing Tool

It’s no secret that doctors are smarter than most people—and almost certainly more educated. Keeping this is mind, it is important to back up your marketing assertions with well-researched facts. Use your knowledge as a marketing tool to create a mutual respect among yourself, the doctor, and their office staff. By providing useful, relevant information with assets such as eBooks, white papers, and articles, you’ll gain their attention—and more importantly, establish credibility.

Prescribe Hypertargeting

Doctors spend their days helping people—how can you help them? When it comes to marketing to doctors, you have to be able to address their needs, going above and beyond in terms of hyper-targeting. With decades of specific training, it is important that you know their clinical or academic focus to target your messaging most effectively. Consider advertising your products and services in targeted publications and newsletters to reach individuals and specific groups of medical professionals.

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