Email Marketing Tips to Engage HCPs

Healthcare professionals were once considered an elusive target for online marketers to tap. However, adoption of mobile technology in recent years has transformed the point of access for medical information, seemingly overnight.

In today’s burgeoning digital age, many HCPs are shifting their preferences in favor of mobile technology. According to a recent Kantar Media poll, 84 percent of surveyed physicians are using smartphones for professional purposes, while 56 percent are harnessing tablets to access work-related data.

With more physicians jumping on the mobile tech bandwagon, the opportunity to target this once untapped market is now wide open. Marketers are predicted to spend $2.3 billion on email marketing in 2015. To effectively engage HCPs and drive the highest possible return on investment, it’s vital to align email campaigns with powerful marketing strategies that maximize impact.

Creativity is Key
Email creatives need to employ unique, attention-grabbing features that encourage healthcare professionals to take action. According to recent statistics compiled by Hubspot, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, and an estimated 40 percent of people respond better to visual information than standard text. Emails fitted with creative visual design reinforces your credibility as a brand, and can motivate HCPs to take on the defined call-to-action.

Responsive Design
Nowadays, the majority of HCPs are viewing emails on mobile devices. Over 95 percent of emails are only opened on one device, and 70 percent of smartphone users delete emails immediately that don’t render well on a mobile device. Extended load times caused by an unresponsive design can lead to diminished response rates; negatively impacting your bottom line—along with any chance of prospective relationships with busy HCPs.

Customized Content
Many marketers make the mistake of generalizing messages that lump all HCPs into one generic audience. In doing so, an email intended for a physician can lose the interest of an NP as early as the subject line; costing you potential revenue in the process. Instead of constructing a ‘one size fits all’ message to engage a diverse industry, opt for a variety of personalized messages that speak to each type of practitioner. Personalized subject lines are 22.2 percent more likely to yield higher open rates when compared to results generated from non-segmented messages.

Effective email engagement with HCPs is possible with the right strategies in place. To navigate your marketing goals in a doc-friendly direction, work with a trusted email marketing partner to ensure your campaign hits the mark.