Communication Methods for HCP Engagement

This is the third blog in a four-part series, “Marketing to HCPs: A Prescription for Successful Outreach.” In this post, we will establish preferred communication methods in healthcare to maximize the success of outreach initiatives and maximize HCP engagement. In our final post, we will share expectations doctors have of sales reps.

Gone are the days of walking into an office and sitting down to talk with a doctor. Today, doctors are busier than ever before, trying to fit more and more into their already jam-packed schedules.

To ensure that medical professionals can access important drug information and industry updates, companies need to utilize other forms of marketing not only to keep up with changing habits and physician preferences, but to maintain compelling long-term communication with healthcare providers.

Mobile-Friendly Emails
With the growing number of physicians becoming mobile-first, companies need to optimize emails for a variety of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. This enables doctors to look over product materials from their preferred platforms – anytime or anywhere during the day.

Professional Conferences
Whether it be continuing education sessions or association-sponsored social events, conferences present a great opportunity to network and gain face-to-face time with doctors who are interested in learning more about market offerings that can benefit their patients. When attending these events, companies need to make sure their presentations are short and sweet, highlighting the most salient points.

Direct Mail
Even in today’s digital landscape, direct mail remains in practice – and for good reason: it works. In fact, 50% of NP/PAs and 46% of MDs use printed educational materials frequently in their practices. With this in mind, aim to educate your targeted HCPs rather than just trying to sell them.

With life sciences companies having long been seen as researchers and sources of information, doctors are increasingly looking to them to take on a role as educators, making information easily accessible to everyone – both physicians and patients alike. New technology and innovations in digital communication provide ways to deliver information that meet the needs of each individual in a relevant and timely fashion across multiple channels and on any device.

Delivering valuable information and effective communications all starts with understanding your target audience at the individual level. With Redi-Data’s proprietary healthcare database and reliable digital identity solution, create complete pictures of your target audience using robust demographic, geographic and practice related information. Refine your targeting using data on prescribing habits, procedures and diagnoses to create mailing and email lists for relevant and specific programs that drive ROI. 


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