Can Video Enhance Your Next Email Marketing Campaign?

Every day, videos go viral and captivate millions of viewers worldwide. While not every video reaches viral status, videos in general are proving to be an up and coming form of marketing, intriguing customers and capturing their attention across numerous platforms. In fact, with 4 billion video views on YouTube each day and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute (DMR), you could say that video is the way of the future. Check out some of the benefits of including video in your next e-marketing campaign.

It’s Personable!
Using videos in email marketing efforts drives customer relationships by delivering a deeper emotional connection with the viewer. The sights and sounds of video provide the opportunity to tell a story and connect with viewers. While video is entertaining to viewers, it also evokes a series of emotions as they process images that trigger different meanings, thus relating their hearts and brains to your message, product, or service. The ability to deliver personable messages through video makes it a great form of one-to-one marketing.

It Stands Out!
Inboxes are full. Video is one way to get your message opened among the emails full of text. What’s more, people prefer to watch video over reading traditional text. As a matter of fact, 20% of visitors will read the majority of text on a website, while 80% will watch the same content in video format (Upside Business). Taking this into account, smart businesses use video marketing to increase email open rates by 5.6% and click-through rates by 96%. When a video is added to a landing page, conversions increase 80% while 34% of customers report being more likely to purchase after viewing a video advertisement (War Room Production).

It’s Shareable!
On Facebook, 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos are viewed daily. On twitter, more than 700 videos are shared every minute (War Room Production Studio). Thus, it is evident that video sharing is an expanding facet of social media. As customers find videos through search engines, browsing the web, or in their inbox, the chances of them commenting on it or sharing it increase drastically. Videos are a fun way to spread your message.

So, can video improve your next email marketing campaign? The answer is a resounding “yes.” When launching a video-based email marketing strategy, accurate data is the key to reaching audience. Let the data professionals at Redi-Data help you develop a strategy that turns the best data into real results.

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