Optimize Your Digital Marketing Efforts: Tips for a Successful Landing Page

Why are your digital marketing prospects on the fence? It’s simple—you’re failing to convert.

So how can you drive conversion? It all starts with the landing page, the place where a potential lead clicks and converts and the place where your customers accept your call to action. With all this on the line, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Check out these suggestions to make your landing page successful.
Aim at your Target!
Tell your target market what they want to hear! A targeted landing page is focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad or email that enticed visitors to click to reach your page. It’s all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.
Tell Them what to Do!
Get to it! Inspire your visitor to do something with an action-oriented, clever headline telling them what they should do next. Keep your headline short and succinct and use action words to encourage a timely response.
Get Chatty!
Customers want to deal with real people—not robots, voicemails, or automated call services. Consider connecting your landing page visitors with a real person via live chat to reduce the amount of time it takes a customer to contact you. Live chat enables customers to get information in real time while enabling your company to answer any questions they may have, thus expediting an entire call to action process.
Give ‘em Your Number!
Regardless of whether or not a live chat makes sense for your company, include a phone number for a personal touch and sense of trust. Having a phone number on your page tells visitors that you are legitimate and have real people ready to help. A phone number is also a great alternative for visitors who do not feel comfortable inputting information online.
“I Guarantee It”
A guarantee mitigates risk for your visitors by reassuring them that they have nothing to lose. Whatever form of guarantee you choose to offer, make sure you present it close to your call-to-action so they associate that last bit of assurance with conversion.
Build Trust with Testimonials
There is no better brand ambassador than a satisfied client. Build credibility with your visitors by showcasing reviews, testimonials, and endorsements from previous clients and customers. Highlight the benefits they received and overall level of service.
Showcase your Certifications!
Got certifications? Show ’em off! If you have credentials or an association with a reputable company, wear it proudly on your sleeve! Your certifications and credentials further garner trust with your visitors.

Ready to convert more leads? Incorporate some of these tips onto your landing page and watch your results take off. Avoid a crash landing and trust Redi-Data for solutions that keep your databases up-to-date for optimal acquisition and targeting strategies.

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