Creating New Revenue Opportunities with a Storefront

Build or buy? This is a frequent debate within organizations, especially among companies considering how rapidly they can recognize new revenue streams. Online e-business storefront applications are no different. The justification for an online commerce presence is solid — the cost of sales is very reasonable in contrast to other sales models. Yet, while building a storefront in-house might seem sensible, think about it.

How long will it take your company to staff a project?

– Can you dedicate resources or will they be tending to their day jobs in addition to working on a major initiative?

– Do you already have the necessary development tools or will you have to research and license them?

The list of questions is endless. And, at the end of the day, purchasing an existing storefront and tailoring it to meet your organization’s specific needs saves time and, in the long term, usually saves money.

When reviewing data storefront options, consider these important aspects:

Select a turnkey solution. When technology is paired with fast online access to high quality business and consumer data, a storefront can provide an alternate revenue stream, quickly.

Brand your storefront. By customizing your storefront with your company’s visual identity, you’ll be extending a consistent customer experience and reinforcing your brand.

Redi-Data Storefront is an easy-to-use interface offering fast, online access to high quality data under your brand name and identity. A user-friendly scalable solution, Redi-Data Storefront provides 24/7 access to industry best databases, customized user interface and content, and superior data access and speed, accuracy and compliance.

If you are a healthcare marketer, learn how you can lead more healthcare providers to your storefront with Redi-Data Digital, our digital identity solution. 

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