Combating the Opt-Out Epidemic

Minimize Your Unsubscribe Rate

With email marketing garnering a $38 return for every dollar invested, it is no wonder why marketers are racing to the inbox. But with billions of emails being sent every day—205 billion to be exact—subscribers are left with flooded inboxes and email overload, prompting unsubscribes. So how do marketers leverage the power of email while minimizing unsubscribes? Check out tips for combating the opt-out epidemic.

Better Segment Your List
Say goodbye to mass email deployments! By segmenting subscribers into unique groups based on features such as interests, location, age, career and other distinctions, the messaging sent to each customer is more personalized with the right context and relevant to their needs and interests. Relevancy is ultimately the key difference between making a sale and losing subscribers.

Find the Right Frequency
The top reason why users unsubscribe from emails is because they are receiving too many in their inboxes. Don’t spam! Be proactive and perform email frequency testing to determine the optimal frequency to send email communications to your subscribers. Give recipients the option to tell you the right frequency for them—so you don’t end up bombarding their inbox or under-delivering to their preferences.

Make it Exclusive
It’s simple—people opt-out from emails when they don’t find value in them. To ensure your emails deliver value to customers, offer exclusive content, access to contests, sales offers, discounts, and promotions. When your emails become a customer’s source for all the latest sales and original offers, you build your brand as well as loyalty, making it increasingly difficult to unsubscribe.

Be Mobile Friendly
With 54% of emails being opened on mobile devices, checking how your emails register on different mobile devices should be a regular part of your email testing routine. If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile users, you are foregoing a large majority of traffic to your page.

Provide Useful, Quality Content
You can get it all right in your email marketing—optimal timing, subjects, segmentation—but if you don’t send the right content to your list, your subscribers are inevitably going to unsubscribe. The best way to keep your unsubscribes relatively low is by delivering high-quality, unique, and valuable content that is worth reading.

While unsubscribes are inevitable, you can take steps and precautions to limit them. Generally, a good unsubscribe rate is below 1%.

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