The Benefits of Email Deployment

As marketing professionals, we all know the value of a great mail piece, but with the cost of doing multiple postal mailings, in combination with the need to reach a younger, more technology-driven generation, email deployment campaigns must be considered as well. I have found that postal mailings, in conjunction with email blast messaging, are the most effective ways to market a product or service.

What are the benefits of using email blasts for your business marketing needs? 

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few key factors that I have noticed since deploying marketing emails for my clients:

Speed & Delivery – Your message can be delivered to its recipients any day of the week, on any holiday, etc. and you can pick the specific time that it is delivered. In a few working days, your message can be created and deployed to anyone in the world.

Ease for the sender – You can add links within the eBlast that take the recipients to various landing pages on your site which helps keep them interested and engaged. Email content can easily be set-up to be personalized, offering a six-time higher transaction rate than emails without personalization.

Ease for the recipient – The prospect/client can receive/read messaging at their convenience digitally, no matter where they are (at the office, at home, on vacation, etc.)

Efficiency – Your one message can be delivered to thousands of recipients electronically, and although we deploy the message, the responses go directly to you, the sender, with most campaigns set up and tested within 72 hours of receiving your ready-to-go HTML.

Results – At Redi-Data, we typically find that a given email blast campaign is “completed” within 7 days. Most recipients will respond during that time period. Receivers of the emails become instantly engaged with options to follow social media pages, watch videos or take online surveys.

ROI – Your investment in your marketing campaign can be returned and then some when you use email. Studies show email marketing yields $44 back for every $1 you spend.

Testing Capabilities – Using this type of messaging to market allows the sender to test various subject lines, call to action statements, from names, etc. with A/B (or split) testing. This allows marketers to compare two different versions of a direct mail piece—a control (the original) and the variation—to determine which performs best. These tests are used to experiment with various design options including the position of text and images, background colors, number of images and different headlines.

As you have read, there are numerous benefits regarding email deployment. With a compelling subject line, a clear call-to-action, and dynamic content, you can create a sold marketing plan and deliver it to reach your core audience with Redi-Data.

Are you looking to implement these components into your marketing campaign?

The Redi-Data sales team is extremely knowledgeable on email blast messaging, and all marketing channels.

We would love to help you make your next campaign more successful!

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About Pam Holden

Pam Holden

Pam Holden is the Vice President of KM Lists, a division of Redi-Data and has been with the company since 1989. In her role, Pam develops initiatives to foster sales within medical, business, consumer and specialty databases. Ms. Holden holds a BA degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Taylor University, an MBA degree in Management from Eastern University, and has over 30 years’ experience in sales and direct marketing.

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