Choosing Your List Partner

Anyone who is trying to reach HCPs recognizes the value of healthcare professional lists. Whether you are a healthcare marketer looking to advertise your hospital system services, a non-profit trying to expand your outreach or a local business considering the options to increase sales, choosing the right list partner is vital. 

There are many determinants when choosing a list partner. Is the data sourced from your list partner, or is it being brokered elsewhere? The source of the data is crucial. How knowledgeable is the list partner on the list you inquired about? The more knowledgeable the list partner is the better. Does your list partner provide insight on your specific business? There are list partners that solely focus on your industry. It can be challenging to know everything there is to know about every business out there, however, having your list partner asking the right questions can help in understanding your business and how they can help you grow. What worked in the past and what didn’t can help guide you towards the best solutions moving forward. Also, sharing your creative can provide insight to your list partner on the markets to reach.

Aside from the actual list partner’s credibility, it’s important to inquire about the lists themselves. How often are the lists updated? A 3-year-old list will not be as effective in comparison to one that was updated 3 months ago. Can your own customer records be suppressed, so you are not paying for records you currently own, especially when everyone is concerned with budgets these days? Does your list partner have the capability for true customization? There are times when specific lists may need to be tweaked to provide the list that works best for your campaign(s) and budget. Lists should be customized for the most optimal results. As a recognized broker, Redi-Data has access to over 60,000 postal and email lists in the marketplace.

For the greatest return on investment possible, it would be in your best interest to work with a data professional that is familiar with your business and can be a true partner to help you succeed. Businesses need partners with dedicated customer support and service. These days it seems like folks are busier than ever, and when information is needed or questions need to be answered, you need a partner that is responsive and focused on customer satisfaction. Redi-Data’s online search tool Redi-Counts provides the option for customers to easily run their own counts, or to have the expert data sales team run the counts for them.

In this technology-driven society, technical ability or lack thereof can alter your campaigns. There are times when a list customization is needed with quick turnaround times, and a capable partner should ensure that happens. Furthermore, it is important to have support tools such as databases available with 24/7 access. Quality should be assured from start to finish. It’s important to understand how often the lists are updated and if the vendor stands behind their products (lists). Be sure to work closely with your list partner so they can provide the ideal solutions in a truly collaborative way, which should ultimately save you time and money. Offering the best value, should be a leading priority.

So, what makes Redi-Data unique within the industry? We take pride in being very responsive with answering questions, running counts if applicable, and providing quick turnaround on orders. We focus on the healthcare industry; however, we have many years of experience in the consumer and business markets. Besides data, we are a turn-key email deployment solutions provider, deploying millions of CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns as well as customized direct mail and digital marketing services.

Our success is your success, therefore sales executives at Redi-Data will take a consultative approach, wanting to truly understand your specific needs to tailor a list that helps you to meet and exceed your goals.

If you’d like to hear more about Redi-Data or the services we can provide to you and your business, I can be reached at or (973) 227-4380 ext.4283.

About Judy Piretra

Judy Piretra

Judy Piretra is a Sales Executive with Redi-Data, Inc. and has been with the company since 2014. Her main goal is to help clients grow their business. She holds a BS Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Judy has been consulting her clients for over 25 years with list, data and direct marketing services. 

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