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Fairfield, NJ (May 25, 2022)Redi-Data, Inc., a leading provider of postal and email lists, data services, direct marketing solutions, and digital identity resolutions, has successfully completed its 2022 BPA Worldwide database audit of its physician email database and email deliverability rate.  

“The fact that BPA Worldwide certified our email database once again is not just good news for us. Our clients are the real benefactors of this audit,” stated Michael San Inocencio, Director of Sales and Business Development of Redi-Data. “Healthcare marketers depend on accurate and credible data to promote successful campaigns to their desired audiences. This audit will provide marketers confidence that the right healthcare professionals (HCPs) will be reached.”

The audit report in March 2022 reflects that Redi-Data’s database includes a total of 940,689 individual physicians’ emails, with nearly 95% confirmed deliverability.

“All of the email data in our audits is permission passed, meaning that Redi-Data’s email database is compliant with regulations set in place like the CAN-SPAM act,” stated Glenn Hansen, President and CEO of BPA Worldwide. “This puts Redi-Data in a strong position to provide healthcare marketers with the highest quality data.”

About BPA Worldwide
BPA Worldwide is in the business of providing assurance. For 80+ years as a not-for-profit assurance service provider, BPA was originally created by advertisers, advertising agencies and the media industry to audit audience claims used in the buying and selling of advertising.  Performing nearly 1,000 annual audits of media channels in more than 15 countries, BPA is a trusted resource for compliance and assurance services.

BPA’s services have expanded with the launch of the BPA iCompli brand to assist in the creation of standards and external assurance thereof. We do so for government and industry bodies. BPA iCompli Technology Assurance provides verification that companies are compliant with industry standards in the digital advertising ecosystem.

About Redi-Data
Redi-Data, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare professional, consumer and business postal and email lists. Our recently released digital identity solution, Redi-Data Digital, enables marketers to reach healthcare audiences with precision and scale online. As an official database licensee of several leading professional associations, including the American Medical Association (AMA), Redi-Data provides the most trusted physician information to pharmaceutical brands and their agencies. Clients across varying industries use Redi-Data’s high-quality lists, data services, and turn-key marketing solutions to reach their target audience with better data, resulting in better outcomes and affordability. Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Redi-Data has sales offices in Berlin, NJ and Sunrise, FL.

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