Diabetes Educators

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Identify the Healthcare Professional Who Specializes in Diabetes

Diabetes educators are licensed health care professionals who specialize in helping people with diabetes and understand how to best manage their health through education and support.

Redi-Data’s Diabetes Educators Database helps you identify these nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to create marketing materials that speak to their unique needs. These important influencers are the perfect audience for marketing diabetes-related offers, such as pharmaceutical and other diabetes-related products, continuing education, recruitment, health and nutrition subscriptions and publications.

Green CheckList Highlights

  • Postal and email lists available for multi-channel marketing
  • Over 9,000 permissioned email addresses
  • Email broadcast through Redi-Data or may be licensed
  • Job title (Diabetes Educators, Dietician, RN’s, Pharmacist etc.)
  • Geography
  • More

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