Welcome New Neighbors Before the Competition Does

Spring is in the air, tax return checks are in the bank, and summer vacation is just around the corner. Spring is the time of year when homeowners put their houses on the market, buyers are ready to make a move, and families are looking for a place to settle before the school year beings in fall.

Packing everything you own into a finite number of boxes, using three different kinds of bubble wrap, clear packing tape whose ends magically disappear after each cut, and – wait, where is that marker you had just a second ago?! It’s all enough to make anyone hastily throw out old, dirty or bulky items when moving. But guess what: you liked having a shower caddy, and that rug would have been perfect in the spare guest bedroom, and how on earth are you going to find a pizza joint that makes a thin crust as delicious as Frank’s?

What does this mean for marketers of home decor, home improvement, home appliances and similar products? An opportunity to tap into this lucrative market with the right mailing list.

New movers are highly motivated consumers, which is why new movers lists are an excellent marketing investment. High quality mailing lists that provide phone and email records and include demographic information variables help companies plan and execute a more strategic campaign. Is your company targeting growing families who have just moved into a larger home, or empty nesters who have just downsized? Demographics such as age, income, geography, religion and more can influence the type of products and services these individuals need.  You can use this insight to speak directly to your targets and offer great deals that make sense for new customers.

People starting fresh in a new home or apartment are eager to personalize their spaces, replace items, and redecorate – and they want to do it all before that big Memorial Day BBQ housewarming party they’re planning. These fresh transplants are also eager to establish relationships with local businesses, organizations and professionals – from healthcare professionals, to restaurants and lawn care specialists, Laundromats or cable providers and more. Reach this audience within the first six months of their move – the prime period in which they spend the most.