Terminating Bad Data

When it comes to data, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that on average, corporate data grows by 40% per year—awesome! The bad news is that approximately 20% of the average database is dirty. What’s worse—bad data may be as high as 10-25% of an organization’s total revenue. So what’s a business to do? Get ready to say “Hasta la vista baby!” to your bad data with data hygiene services.

Data Processing
Update lists with current postal regulations, NCOA (national change of address) and deceased suppression processing to ensure a clean and deliverable list. When your mailing lists are more accurate, you’ll maximize postal discounts and save money.

Data Append
Match the names in your house list against Redi-Data’s healthcare, consumer or business database to gain additional insight to better tailor your communication. Data append services add depth of information to your customer list—such as demographics, financial, ethnicity, buying habits and more—so you can truly understand your customers and create dynamic, customized communications.

Enrich Existing Records
Find new contacts from millions of high-quality leads with Redi-Data’s comprehensive line of postal and email lists. With verified and accurate real-time data, you’ll save expensive employee hours entering customer information, and eliminating the waste of misdirected orders and lost leads due to errors in data entry.

Ready to terminate your bad data? No problemo! Redi-Data offers a full suite of list hygiene and data services to ensure your own mailing list is the highest quality right from the start. Eliminate waste and unnecessary costs, fix outdated information and identify new opportunities, and enhance customer data with in-depth details and appended information for a robust client file.

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