Start your Programmatic Advertising Journey with Redi-Data

Are you new to Health Care Practitioner (HCP) digital identity solutions? Are you asking what is a demand-side platform (DSP)? How does Redi-Data help activate proven HCP banner advertising via LiveRamp? Let us share the answers!

The steps to success are the same as traditional marketing outreach programs including email, omnichannel, and even direct mail. The key is understanding your target audience, like HCPs in this case, and to avoid marketing with a shotgun approach. Instead, consider Redi-Digital’s custom-curated segments by defining quality targeting prospects at scale.

Redi-Digital is committed to supporting your Programmatic Advertising journey and achieving your unique vision. Let’s look at five simple steps to a successful digital marketing campaign with Redi-Digital.

Step 1: A Fine Foundation – Create a budget, set your goals, and align your messaging and creative vision. Understanding a client’s previous targeting journey, including both the successes and struggles of their marketing channels, can help manage realistic campaign expectations.

Step 2: Partnerships with Impact – Select your execution partner. Is it a DSP or a data provider you trust? Our HCP automated digital identity segments began with 9 million HCP input records. They have been vetted and maintained by two of the industry’s most utilized and trusted leaders in healthcare programmatic advertising, LiveRamp and DeepIntent. We’ve custom-curated 180 automated segments on LiveRamp and directly integrated segments within the DeepIntent Healthcare DSP for immediate digital campaign activation.

Step 3: Better Data, Delivered – Set-up your campaign parameters and define your targeting goals. Both data and cost will drive your execution strategy. Quite simply, the best data will deliver the best results.

Step 4: Launch and Measure – Once your audience has been defined, you are ready to activate your digital campaign.  If you are using DeepIntent’s Healthcare Advertising Platform, you will be able to optimize your campaign in real-time towards script performance and audience quality. You will also have access to the campaign measurement dashboard, DeepIntent Outcomes, for daily insights including real-time script lift by digital channel.

Step 5: Optimal Results – Complete the process by refining your messaging and targeting to optimize campaign results. At Redi-Data, we strive for perfection. We will test and re-test segments as necessary. When using DeepIntent to activate, measure, and optimize your campaigns, your Redi-Data segments will be auto-optimized based on script performance and audience quality. This type of attention to detail and dedication delivers optimal results.

Talk to Redi-Data’s experts today and learn how you can incorporate omnichannel marketing into your next campaign and begin your own Programmatic Advertising Journey!