Is Your Marketing Compliant with Federal and State Regulations?

As marketers, we’re all owls, and hopefully wise ones. Omni-channel marketing is now the norm, or in some cases, a requirement for certain companies as a key component of their marketing infrastructure in order to be effective in 2019, and the foreseeable future. So where are we with being good data stewards, and complying with CAN-SPAM? I’d like to refer you to the Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information, which bans internet service providers in the state of Maine from refusing to serve a customer, prohibiting them or offering a lower price in order to pressure consumers into allowing the internet service providers (ISP) to sell their data. Redi-Data believes in following this law and all General Data Protection Regulations. Despite these strict statutes, we are still reaching those targeted individuals, and marketing departments are choosing to partner with Redi-Data because of it. The goal is to provide our clients with Healthcare and Business and Consumer appropriate content to individuals who truly have value in the products and services Redi-Data’s clients can offer.

As a leading data compiler aggregator and recognized list broker for over a decade, we have had the ability to strategically partner with companies that are able to comply with GDPR. I’m pleased to say that we recently provided one of the largest universities in New York City with the ability to deploy GDPR-compliant content to almost 200,000 foreign email requestees.

(Important to note: whether it’s Germany or Spain, people rely on Gmail a lot!) Over the years, we have learned that effective foreign email campaigns require data hygiene services as a verification before processing customer supplied emails. It’s the first step in due diligence as extra steps are required when deploying client provided email addresses for deployment campaigns. Regular data hygiene is essential to the success of your business, and ensures that you are using the most valid data possible. Redi-Data also provides match step logic, which provides custom matching based on the need of the client, whether it’s to help them identify the right healthcare practitioners, businesses or consumers’ email addresses, with the ability to append or suppress information. In conjunction with list cleansing and custom matching, we’re seeing our customers adjusting their tactics and strategies, and complying to the laws of the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018, which is a vital best practice.

From California to Maine, we can ensure CAN-SPAM compliancy. Which other states will jump on the bandwagon? Stay tuned… time will tell.

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Make sure your email marketing is compliant.

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Michael San Inocencio is the Director of Sales and Business Development for Redi-Data, and has been with the company since 2010. In his role, Michael manages the sales team and introduces new products to improve on what Redi-Data currently offers. Mr. San Inocencio studied Business Administration at Florida Metropolitan University and has over 20 years’ experience in multi-channel direct marketing.

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