Houston, We Have Contacts

3…2…1…Blast off! You’ve spent countless hours preparing the content, design and format for your latest campaign – and now it’s go time. But no matter how much effort you’ve put into crafting this latest initiative, its success comes down to one important variable – your contact database. Choosing the right marketing data with the right consumer data lists can make all the difference between all systems go and failure to launch. 

Here’s what to look for in selecting a marketing database provider.

High Delivery Rates
What is the guaranteed percentage of deliverability of the list? This is arguable the most important question to consider. If the list doesn’t guarantee 90% deliverability or better—move on! After all, there is no sense in wasting dollars on promotions and mail pieces that never reach your prospects and customers.

Regular Updates
A good list is constantly being updated—at least once a month. Ongoing updates eliminate addresses where mail has been found to be undeliverable or where the prospect has moved away or changed location. Without a regularly updated list, you’ll be wasting money and resources on dead-end addresses and missing out on potential new prospects.

Cleansing & Hygiene Services
The mark of a good list provider is their ability to provide more in-depth data marketing and insight services. Services such as opt-out suppression, de-duplication of records, data append, and data processing demonstrate industry knowledge and experience, while enabling you to enhance existing customer data.

Compliance with Industry Regulations & Laws
Like most other industries, the data industry is subject to regulations and established laws. When purchasing a list, it becomes your responsibility to remain compliant of these standards. Consider providers that comply with laws such as the CAN-SPAM Act, which sets rules for commercial emails.

Before you hit the launch pad, make sure your contact list is in top-shape. It may just be the fuel that takes your marketing initiatives to new heights.

At Redi-Data, all databases feature in-depth record profiles, are multi-sourced and verified and updated daily for maximum deliverability. With a comprehensive line of healthcare professional, consumer and business postal and email lists, and a reliable digital identity solution, Redi-Data provides affordable solutions to help clients connect with their target audiences. 

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