Giving Dads a Great Deal: Father’s Day Direct Marketing Tips

Dear, old Dad: he’s spent countless hours helping us with our soccer skills, sharing stories about the highpoints of his youth, teaching us the secrets behind the perfect BBQ rub, and feeding us chocolate cake for breakfast. This June 15 will be a special day, his day, Father’s Day. And with the average American spending somewhere around $120 on Dad each year, the holiday presents opportunities for marketers to inspire creative gifts and drive sales.

Start with a great list. Who is your ideal customer? Fathers are a demographic that can be segmented down to further by age location, interests, lifestyle and other factors for more targeted campaigns and better results. New dads might be more appreciative of a night out than the 60+ demographic, hoping for a new gadget for video chatting with his grandkids. Also, research shows that men tend to research and search for products online. Make sure your Father’s Day campaigns are compatible across multiple platforms, and can be tracked and analyzed for future marketing outreach.

Remember that marketing for Father’s Day isn’t just about marketing to fathers; it’s about getting your messages to the people who will purchase gifts for fathers – spouses, parents, children, friends. Include these individuals in additional campaigns, with messages that tell them why your product or service is the perfect gift for their loved one. Make it an emotional experience. Give them great ideas at varying price points using a print gift guide or a Pinterest board, shared via email, that highlights popular, practical and creative gifts.

Father’s Day also presents an opportunity for local businesses – from lawn care services, car washes, restaurants and entertainment venues, and yes, even spas (men like to be pampered too). Don’t miss the opportunity to boost sales during this season with a direct mail campaign suggesting a unique service or gift card. Adding a special incentive for fathers – such as a free set of golf balls with every lesson, or a free wax with that wash –can make the deal, and gift, more special while driving sales and attracting new repeat customers.