4 Email Marketing Trends to Gear Up for in 2016

The start of a new year brings a new opportunity to revamp your brand’s image. Thanks to the growth of automation, dynamic content and mobile devices, 2016 is expected to include even more sophisticated email marketing strategies than prior years. Here are four trends digital marketing experts expect the industry to embrace, come the New Year:

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation has become increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes, with 79% of top-performing companies using marketing automation for more than 2 years. In 2016, experts anticipate an increased demand for automated campaign solutions that streamline workflows, integrate customer data and manage marketing campaigns. Simplifying these activities can drive an increase in leads and profit, while providing a greater return on your campaign investment.

Going Mobile
Desktop email was the preferred method of engagement only until 2012. This means for the past three and half years, the majority of emails were opened using a mobile device! Even though approximately 53 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices, a surprising 39 percent of marketers have no ‘mobile email’ strategy in place. Given consumers’ increase in digital consumption, mobile-optimized responsive designs are no longer an option, but rather a necessity to enhance both the user experience, and your overall campaign.

With email clutter filling up consumers’ inboxes, it’s time to get personal to create a lasting impact on buyers. Instead of sending generic or impersonal emails, try including a first name, or using tailored messages and graphics to fit your target segment. This will help your email stand out in a saturated inbox. According to a recent a Adobe survey, 80 percent of marketers define dynamic personalization in emails as highly important, and businesses that use personalization have reported a a 14 percent uplift in sales. The bottom line? Get personal — or run this risk of missing out on potential profit.

Content is [Still] King
Much more than just another buzzword to add to your list, dynamic content is becoming the primary focus for organizations that want to be viewed as a credible resource on a particular topic. In fact, an estimated 72 percent of B2B buyers are most likely to share useful content via email! Creating relevant, useful, and engaging content is one of the most influential techniques you can apply in email marketing. This is guaranteed to keep subscribers engaged with your brand, and encourage them to open your emails in the future. Make sure your company has mastered the art of segmented, personalized content to drive a positive impact on click-through rates and brand awareness.

Lastly, emails created with all the above trends in mind won’t get read if they’re not shared with the right audience. So make sure you’re starting with a high quality list that is up-to-date to date right from the start and make 2016 your most successful year yet.