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Redi-Counts Builds Further on Best-in-class Count System Functionality

Fairfield, NJ (June 13, 2019) – Redi-Data, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare professional, consumer and business data and email lists, announces the release of Redi-Counts 15, which further builds upon the extensive data and robust databases of the company’s online count system. Redi-Counts 15 includes the addition of email addresses added to the count system now totaling over 855,000 US physicians to its extensive, ever-increasing count report system that uniquely contains access to AMA, ADA, AOA, additional healthcare professionals, business and consumer data.

Redi-Counts 15 provides users with an easy-to-use email suppression layout for enhanced speed of uploaded data and in-depth order summary reporting. Additionally, Redi-Counts includes crystal-clear reporting analytics with multiple viewing options. The user-friendly search tool will contain even further added improvements with a healthcare enhanced database that will be added soon in the next release.

Users can register for a free account for access to over 1 million healthcare professional records which can be easily filtered to identify their ideal target audience. Intuitive tabs guide users through running counts with multiple options from geography, demographics and physician prescribing habits, procedures and/or diagnoses for the most relevant and specific list possible for improved ROI.

Significant changes have been implemented for Redi-Data’s post-campaign deployment system as well, including enhanced PDF reports with graphics to help users visualize how their campaigns performed. Additional sections have been added that display which mobile devices and platforms were utilized by end users to interact with clients’ campaigns, which helps designers create future emails to be more tailored to a given platform or device. Information is now provided showing how long end users engaged with an email, so that users have full insight into how well their campaigns are performing.

“We are pleased to introduce the latest release of Redi-Counts that solves the ongoing challenge of users needing the control and flexibility to create the specific views they need to best perform their roles and meet their objectives timely and efficiently,” said Michael San Inocencio, Director of Sales and Business Development, Redi-Data. “We are committed to providing data and comprehensive post-campaign reports to our customers in an easy and intuitive way.”

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Redi-Data, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare professional, consumer and business postal and email lists. As an official database licensee of several leading professional associations, including the American Medical Association (AMA), Redi-Data provides physician information from the most trusted names in medical marketing. Clients across varying industries use Redi-Data’s high-quality lists, data services and turn-key marketing solutions to reach their target audience accurately and affordably. Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Redi-Data has sales offices in Berlin, NJ and Sunrise, FL.

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